Social Media Ads

    Social Media Ads

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    Engage with your target audience
    Social media advertising allows you to effectively engage with your audience and educate them on your products and services

    Multi-platform campaigns
    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok - we’ve got you covered! Engage in multi platform campaigns to capture each segment of your target market.

    Increase brand awareness
    Social media is the perfect place to increase brand awareness and improve overall brand loyalty by utilising creative content.

    Inventory integrated ads
    Let your customers buy your product with the click of a button by linking your ads to your Shopify inventory management system.


    Account Set-Up 
    We help you to make sure all relevant business manager accounts are set up and ready in order for you to run your campaigns.

    Create Advertising Strategy
    It’s time to define your target audience, understand your customer persona, and choose the most relevant platforms to run your ads on.

    Ad Copy 
    We need to create engaging and relevant ad copy that is in line with your brand voice and effectively speaks to your audience.

    Once the ads have been created, we define your desired budget and make the ads live on each platform!