Google Ads

    Google Ads

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    Massive Reach Potential
    With over 4.3 billion users worldwide, Google’s is one the largest and most effective advertising platforms in the world.

    Harness Intent
    Harness customer intent and drive qualified traffic to your store by targeting valuable keywords that will get results.

    Cost Effective 
    Google Ads can be utilised effectively under varying budget constraints. The key is to understand how to use the budget effectively.

    Rapid Results
    Google Ads get your products in front of your customer straight away. Unlike SEO, we expect to see results from the get go.


    Keyword Research
    We carry out in-depth keyword research to identify the most valuable and relevant keywords to use in your campaign.

    Campaign Set-Up
    We create your ad groups, setting the desired budget and goals for your campaign in line with your business objectives.

    Campaign Launch 
    It’s time to launch your campaign and make your ads live! Your search, display & shopping ads will be live in Google’s network.

    Monitoring & Reporting
    We monitor the weekly and monthly performance of your campaigns and provide comprehensive reports to keep you informed.